Papers needed for scholarship application 2021-2022

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scholarship application
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papers needed for scholarship application 2021 – Securing a scholarship is never a rollercoaster, be it local or international award. Often times, the processes involved deter the feeble-minded students to apply or complete the application. Well, scholarship is meant for the resilient students, not quitters. This article is aimed at explaining the the necessary papers for scholarship applications and the best time to start preparing for them.

To submit an outstanding application, you need to give in work, a whole lot of work. The majority of the work needed is centered on preparedness. Scholarship of different types come with different requirement depending on the donor. For clarity sake, I’ll be giving a comprehensive list of paper you may likely be required to provide before a scholarship can be awarded to you. If you work on these papers before applying for any scholarship opportunity, you will definitely submit a competitive application.

  • Passport copy
  • Abstract from previous project/thesis
  • Educational documents (transcript, Statement of result, certificate)
  • Academic resume or CV
  • Cover letter
  • Research proposal
  • Recommendation/Reference letter
  • Statement of Purpose or Personal Statement
  • Research plan/Study plan
  • Language Proficiency
  • Other supporting documents (Honors, Awards, publication, etc)

How to prepare for your papers

Here, I’ll explain the meaning of the above mentioned documents as well as provide useful information on how you can prepare them pending your type of application.

Academic Resume or CV


Cover letter

statement of Purpose


Best way to access scholarship application



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